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“Branding is a very important aspect of my business. I want my clientele to know right away what sets Vintage Bling apart from my competitors. Developing the Celebrity page was important to me so that customers instantly get the idea that this jewelry is worn by the rich and famous, but is also accessible to them. I want my brand to exude glitz and glam, but also feel comfortable to wear with blue jeans. I also want my brand to demonstrate that these statement pieces are made from the past, but are contemporary yet nostalgic.

My goal for designing the Celebrity page was to demonstrate not only who is wearing Vintage Bling, but also where it has been worn. Since I have quite a few images, I wanted a creative way to display and group the images into collages, so that it was not merely a boring page of scrolling through endless pictures. The graphics chosen by the Ayoko Design team perfectly captured the look that I wanted the page to have. It is very classy and elegant. There is just enough detail to keep the customer scrolling.”

Vintage Bling Dayle Goertzen, Owner

“We wanted to highlight  our investment in our plant and equipment and our dedication to growing the commercial laundry side of our business. The video featured the  flow of clean linen through the pressing and folding stages at Perth’s. It shows the  automation and efficiencies we have made and can offer our clients.

We started the process of making our video by explaining why we wanted it initially. We were attending our first trade show and wanted to be able to show our equipment and automation to potential clients. We gave Sean Philips (A Moving Picture Studios) and Yoko Chapman (Ayoko Design Web Print) a tour of our plant and explained our processes to help create a visual of what we wanted to focus on. They were able to capture the size and functions of our machines in a sleek, sophisticated manner.  We wanted to portray a clean modern facility and the angles, sounds and shots that were taken and created for our video worked great for us.”

Perth’s Drycleaners Terrell Stephen, Owner / President

“Being a wedding decor company, we wanted a soft logo that would still have some impact without the colors and text being too distracting. We also wanted the logo to include an emblem style that would brand us when our entire name was not required. Yoko Chapman (Ayoko Design Web Print) sent us a few variations to start with and it was a quick and simple process to decide on the details that were important to us. Our previous logo incorporated circles so we wanted to have the stamp portion be circular to keep with the theme while changing the font and colors to be more modern and soft. Working with Yoko was an easy and enjoyable process, she was always fast to answer any questions we had and offered her expert advice along with great ideas.”

Planned Perfectly Kylee Houlahan, Owner

“The process of designing Pure Design.Build’s logo with Yoko Chapman (Ayoko Design Web Print) was a wonderful experience. I knew that I wanted Pure Design.Build’s logo to be clean, minimal and classic. I didn’t want to be redesigning it in the future and I wanted it to stand the test of time. I knew I wanted to use the colour red and the rest was left to Yoko. Using hand drawn letters Yoko was able to incorporate all the elements I requested, resulting in a fabulous finished product.”

Pure Design.Build Lindsay Brzuskiewicz, Owner

“The branding for our new Pet Show was very important as we needed something that stood out and caught people’s attention, as well as something bright and fun to reflect the concept of the show itself. ‎The font style and colours Yoko Chapman (Ayoko Design Web Print) chose for our new branding fit perfectly for our target audience as it’s playful enough to appeal to young families and pet owners of all ages, and at the same time it portrays a professional quality image that we want to convey to our pet industry vendors.”

The Winnipeg Pet Show Sherri Rheubottom, Show Producer